Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rangers Team Final List.

Dear All;

Here is the list of final names of the rangers team for 2011.

Boys Team :

1) Kai Feng
2) Kerwyn
3) Kang Yu
4) Romeo
5) Shaun Wah
6) Austen Teng
7) Dillon
8) Lim Yuan Shen

Girls Team :

1) Vera Fonseka
2) Dhaniah
3) Nicole
4) Wong Si En
5) Jasmine
6) Sarah Kennerly
7) Carrie Quek
8) Isabelle Han

All team members will receive a letter to your parents informing them of the commitment .

All team members will undergo training to fulfill the following proficiency badges by end november provided you are committed to trainings :

1) Camp Cook.
2) Backwoodsman Cooking.
3) Camper's Badge.
4) Orienteering
5) Artist Badge.

Yours In Scouting
Mr Basheer Khan aka Dreamkeeper
Group Scout Leader

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