Saturday, February 28, 2009

World Scouting Video

Hello gentlemen, here is a video on international scouting you might want to watch!~!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

District Field Day Competition

Congratulations boys for sweeping away all available awards
of the district field day competition!!

The 3 trophies for the scouts section.

Congratulations to the Rangers Team for winning the Gold.

Congratulations to Ice Sharks Patrol for winning the silver.

Congratulations to Thunder Cats Patrol for winning the Bronze.

Keluar Baris!

Tenderfoots keluar baris! Ahkakaka!!

This toilet would never be the same again!

February Induction Camp

Hello Fellow Gentlemen of Oneida Scouts
Firstly let me apologise for the late post, I was down with a persistent flu the last week
Anyway here are the updates from our Camp.
Ok if i walk straight this way I am sure to bump into my patrol.
Wait a minute what if I bump into the goal post?

Haziq really looks like a lost goat now!!!!MMbek!

Ahh the lost goats huddling before the slaughter! LOL!

Oneida boys falling in!

Oneida Scouts Group congratulates our fellow tenderfoots
on being inducted into the scouts unit!

Snow Tigers!

Timber Wolves!

Ice Sharks!

Thunder Cats!

Ready for Bersurai!

Our Ventures Informal!

Our Ventures Formal

Our Scouts Unit Informal

Our Scouts Unit Formal

Our Scouts and Ventures formal

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dear Scouts,

I hope you have enjoyed your Induction Camp.

Anyway, please be informed of the followings:

1. There will not be any Scout Meeting on 20 Feb 2009, Friday due to District Day and Campfire 2009 on 21st February.

2. There will be a COMBINED Rehearsal with the Girl Guides for Founder's Day on:

Date: 18 February 2009, Wednesday
Venue: Fall in outside Scout Den.

Any questions, ask White Shield. HAHA...

Yours in Scouting
Wisdom Keeper

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prepare for Oneida Patrol Camp Challenge.

Just some of the categories you will be training for OPC 2009
Campsite Development
Campsite Development


Presentation to judges



Backwoodsman cooking presentation

Backwoodsman cooking presentation
Backwoodsman cooking

Camp Cooking


Kitchen Development

Campsite Buiding

Morning Inspection

Camping Standard

CAmping Standard morning inspection

May the scouting light burn bright in your hearts

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday 6th February 2009 Meeting

Our Patrol Leaders Council Preparing for Appointment Ceremony.
PLC taking the Patrol Leaders Creed

Timber Wolves with PL/SPL Martin Lim and APL Jasper

Snow Tigers with PL Ismail and APL Giggson

Thundercats Patrol with PL/ASPL Alexis Teng (APL Marcus)

Ice Sharks with PL Wes-Ley (APL Horzet)

Jared Sim aka White Shield observing Thunder Cats

Ren Hao teaching Snow Tigers

Thomas and Jeremy Kwan teaching Ice Sharks

Congratulations to all PL/APL brothers on being invested into the Patrol Leaders Council.
May the scouting light burn bright in your hearts

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday Meeting

Our Rangers Team Falling in for inspection during National Patrol Camp 2008. Notice our Unique Patrol Flag and our Troop Scarf !

Hello Gentlemen,

1) Former Cub Scouts please bring your uniform with national scarf for investiture ceremony.

The rest of the sec ones , those of you who had incomplete assessment of uniform inspection i.e missing badge or incorrect placing of badge, please bring your uniform again.

For those who have complete uniform inspection i.e. no errors or changes to make, you do not have to bring your uniform.

2) There will be a World Badge Test for all Sec Ones this Friday's meeting . Please study up your lecture notes.

3) I will issue out your consent form for the upcoming Induction Camp on this friday.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday 4/02 meeting

1) All Sec ones please bring your uniform for inspection. Keep it in a suit cover with your name written on the suit cover. For those of you with big pants, I will arrange for you to change it so please bring along your pants as well. There is no need to bring your shoes and socks.

2) We are having a world badge lecture for all sec ones regardless of whether you are a cub scout or non cub scout back in primary school. This means you will need to bring an exercise book for note taking to study for the lecture.

3) The world badge test will be conducted on Friday 6/02. This test is important for you to pass so that you can be properly invested to wear the uniform in the INDUCTION CAMP on February 13-15.

4) The first class hike is only for the sec 3's training for their Chief Commissioner's Award. It does not apply to the other levels.

See you tomorrow

Yours in scouting

Sunday, February 1, 2009