Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dear PLC,

There will be meeting on 2nd June Tuesday at 201 mac 12pm, late comer will have to treat MC flurry to everyone who is present.

1.) Patrol hike planning confirmation
2.) Patrol pioneering and cooking date confirmation
3.)Donation draw booklets collection
4.) AOB

Kindly relay this msg to the PLC members
Alright thats all for today, those who came late for the last meeting still owe us a ice cream cone each. =DD




Above is the map to Tampines 2nd Division HQ.
CEPP is on 6th June Saturday, 9am-2pm, Module 1-3
Every sec1s,2s and 3s must attend for this.
Things to bring: Waterbottle and Writing materials
Attire: Half U (School or Scout based T-shirt with Scout Pants)
Place and time to meet: 8.15am Opposite 201 Mac bus stop
Bus No. to take: 34
Kindly relay this msg to your fellow bros about the changes.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Patrol Cooking and Pioneering CANCELLED!

Hi bros,

Patrol cooking and pioneering on 3rd and 4th June is cancelled, as we are not able to use the school premises due to the H1N1 case are getting serious. Most probably will postponed until we are allow to use the school during June holidays.
Have a good rest during the weekend and be prepared for the upcoming Hike on 8th June. I expect full attendance for this Patrol Hike, you will learn alot throughout this hike, especially the sec 1s.
Will keep updating, keep tracking the blog.



Result Slip

Hi bros,

You will need to submit your result slips by 8th June before you start your Patrol Hike. Photocopy out the result slips, and pass it to your PL. So i can collect it fast before the hike, keep look out for update as i will post more things for the upcoming activites.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Donation Draw Booklets

Hello bros,

We had distribute the booklets, introduced some fantastic prizes and rewards, explained on how to sell the tickets and the dos and don'ts.
Before you forget let me refresh with you what are the prizes and rewards

Squirrel Badge

Green Squirrel: 15 booklets
Bronze Squirrel: 20 booklets
Silver Squirrel: 30 booklets
Gold Squirrel: 40 booklets

Highest Earner for 2009

-Will get his name engraved on the donation draw challenge plaque. Starting from this year onwards
-100% subsidies for the Taman Negara Expedition
-Gold Squirrel Badge

Many more to come !!!!!!!

For those who have not collected or need more booklets, i will come down on Wed 27th May to give out the booklets.

Keep up the good work and do your best.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming June Activities and Courses

Hello bros,

During your June holidays scout meeting will still resume as usual, i expect full attendance for every single meeting! As we will be having few interesting courses and programs to allowed you to equip the right skills and knowledge. Meaning to say, June will be hectic month for everyone!

3rd June: Patrol Cooking and Patrol Pioneering ( Date To Be Confirm)
4th June: Patrol Cooking and Patrol Pioneering (Date T0 Be Confirm)

8th June: Patrol Hike (Date changed)

6th June: CEPP (Community Emergency Preparedness Program)

15th June: Footdrill Course
16th June: Footdrill Course
17th June: Footdrill Course

Patrol Cooking and Patrol Pioneering

The PLs of individual patrol will plan for both the Cooking and Pioneering, then teach the patrol members how to cook and how to build structure. Such exposure will allow the boys to learn things fast and also how OPC is going to be like on December 2009. It also helps to clear part of the criteria in the progression scheme.

It need not to be a very complicated or nice structure/very tasty dishes, the purpose is to allow brother scouts to have the basic skills of everything they engage in.

Patrol Hike

It's a one day hike for all the patrols. It's something similar to First Class hike, However you just need to travel for 10-12km. During the hike, the sec1s will learn how to set a map,read 4,6,8 digits MGR, find checkpoints and read legends. As for sec2s will be the above mentioned as well as sketching and description of the checkpoints.

At the end of the hike, sec1s will clear the set a map criteria and sec2s will be more prepared to go for their First Class Hike.


Course organise by SCDF, learn basic first aid skills, CPR and fire safety evacuation. Complusory to all levels, Sec1s,2s and 3s. From 9am to 2pm

Venue: 2nd Division Tampines
Time and Place to meet: 8.15am Bus stop Opposite Tampines East CC
Attire: Half U ( School based,Scout based T-shirt and Scout pants)
Things to bring: Water bottle and writing materials
Bus to take: no. 34

After attending this course, sec1s will clear the first aid criteria in Scout Standard.

PLs kindly relay this message to your members so that they won't be late or giving excuses like (I didn't know there's such event). Thanks

Footdrill Course

Course organised by Oneida's Ventures, this course teach you about endurance and discipline as well as how to march and follow the command orderly. Endurance and Discipline are the ultimate weapons to success.
Upon attending this course, Sec1s will clear the footdrill criteria for Scout Standard. Sec2s will clear for Advance Scout Standard.

Time 8am-4pm (11am-12pm is lunch break)
Venue: ESSS
Attire: Full U with marching boots
Things to bring: Waterbottle,1 school or scout based t-shirt and sufficient cash for meal.

Remember to have your breakfast before you come!

Lastly, all the above mentioned courses and activities are COMPLUSORY!
Do not worry so much we will keep you updated and give a clearer instruction during meeting.

Looking forward to IT!
I will continue updating =D



Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hellos fellow brothers!

Since it's after exams, let's put on our scouting sprit and achieve those standards!
There will be a scout's meeting on Wednesday! Please pass this information to your fellow scout friends!

Date: 27 May 2009
Reporting Time: 2.30pm
Attire: Unit polo-tee + P.E. shorts and school shoes
Things to bring: Training Manual+ Writing materials

Attendence is COMPULSARY and all those who are not present will be dealt with accordingly.

*P.S: Once you get your scout standard, you will be able to wear many proficency badges, and attend courses so that your uniform will be more VALUEBLE! So work hard for it and attend meetings! ;)*

Yours in Scouting,
Alexis Teng ASPL

Friday, May 22, 2009


Dear Martin & Alexis

Please do remember that you have something to hand in to Sir Justin by 24th May. I also do need to meet up with you guys so as to help you with your CCA Hike. Let's work together to get your Chief Commissioner Award

Yours in Scouting
Flaming Arrow

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Next Upcoming Meeting

Hello bros,

Welcome back to Oneida Scout again, wish everyone best luck in their exams and hope you guys can pass with flying colors.

The next upcoming meeting will be on 22nd May Friday,attires will be Full U and remember to bring along Pt-kit and Scout standard training manual. Attendance is COMPLUSORY, time will be as usual 1500hr

Kindly relay this msg to your fellow scout friends
Thats all for today, see you guys on friday.


Jared Sim aka WS

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CCA HIKE 02/09

Dear Scouts,

Once again, CCA Hike 02/09 is now open for registration.

Kindly prepare your application form now and contact me!!!



Monday, May 4, 2009


Heyo Brother Scouts!

All the best for upcoming exams!