Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proper wear of your beret.

The picture above shows how to wear your beret. Notice the large fold over the right of the head and the beret badge exactly above the left eye.

Here is how your beret should look like when worn as illustrated by your SPL Martin Lim .

Here is some instructions on how to and how not to wear your beret. Please disregard the note below the Picture as those are meant for WOOL berets . The Scouts Beret is not made of wool.

Here is a picture of Venture scouts with their Maroon beret on.

How to season your beret.

1) Place your beret as shown in the picture below. Notice where the beret badge is placed on the beret from the previous post.
2)Fold the left side of the beret just a little as shown in the picture below.
3)Now fold the right side of the beret till the end touches the left end of the beret as shown below.

4) Place 2 or more clothes clips to keep the folds in place.

5) Finally iron the crease of the folds so that the beret takes its "seasoned" shape.

Having a seasoned beret is crucial to the proper decorum of our uniform. It shows the pride and discipline of the unit .

How to put on your beret badge

1) Make two small holes with a pen-knife from the inside of the beret as shown in the picture below. The holes should be as wide apart as the portruding pins of the back of the beret badge.

2) Insert the pins through the hole and fix the metal twizzer that comes with the beret badge as shown below.

I will be posting on how to season your beret and methods of wear for beret soon.

More updates on sec 1 uniform

Our Troop was awarded the Silver Award for the Frank Cooper Sands Unit Competition in 2007. As such Oneida Scouts are allowed to wear the silver embroidered FCSA badge on their uniform.

The badge will be given to the Sec 1 scouts on Wednesday Meeting. Here are the instructions on where to sew the badge.

As according to the picture above the Frank Cooper Sands Badge needs to be sewn above the LEFT pocket. Leave a space of at least two finges above the pocket for your bumblebee and your squirrel badge for the later parts of the year.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sec Ones Uniform

By Friday 30th January you would have bought your uniforms. These are the few things you need to do over the weekend.
1) Sew the Patrol Badge given to you on the LEFT sleeve just below the Singapore Scouts Flash
shown below. If you are an AKELA AWARD holder from your cub scout scheme, you are to
sew the AKELA badge just below the patrol badge as shown below.

2) Next , sew the TAMPINES district badge on the center of the right pocket just below the pocket sleeve as shown in the picture below.

3) Finally, sew the TROOP badge in the position shown below making sure you make a space of two fingers above the right pocket for your name tag.

Please complete all necessary updating of your badges onto your uniform by wednesday 4th February as we will check on the uniform. You are to bring your uniform in a BLACK suit cover on this day.
We will settle your UNIT POLO T and your PATROL POLO T by mid february before the district field day event.

In future I will correspond with all you scouts through e-mail, be it to send lecture notes on Scouts Standards or to update your parents on your progress. I will be collecting your e-mail addresses as part of the next round of administrative processes.

Happy Scouting

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Season's Greeting


On Behalf of the Venture Unit,

Wishing you guys a great harvest of RED packets
Success in whatever you wish for
And always NEVER GIVE UP!!!

This goes out especially to the boys i have been with, Wesley, Martin, Ismail and Alexis training you guys and seeing you guys grow haas been a great joy and i felt a great sense of achievement for me. But it has always been my regret not getting the CCA. I hope that you guys would do yourselves proud and get that award. Don't let the people who believed in you guys down, don't let me down. I've got high hopes for you guys. Just NEVER GIVE UP !!!

And once again to all HAPPY NEW YEAR! MOOO......

Oneida Venture Unit
Hulbert Teng

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi guys;
Here is a pic of our ventures dragonboating every sunday. Look forward to venturing and you can join the Dragon Knights in sea regatta competitions. More pics at the venture's blog. Link is on the right bottom corner of the blog.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Dear Scouts,

On behalf of the Oneida Scout Group Leaders Council, we would like to wish all Chinese Scouts a,


Enjoy your long weekends with you family and friends!


Yours in Scouting
Wisdom Keeper
Assistant Group Scout Leader

Saturday, January 24, 2009

East Spring Cheer(Rap)

East Spring One we're number one

we're great great winners today

we're red in the face with lots of grace

get in there and win this race

Say we will we will rock you ALL the way

Say we will we will thrash you ALL the way.

Rapper : You want more (yeah) you want more we'll give you more

we will do it right like never before

Practice for the campfire on the 21st February!

No matter what it takes!

Hi guys

felt like sharing with you this inspiring video. No matter what problems you have, do not give up on your dreams.


Live up to your scout promise!

Yours in scouting


Friday 23/01/2009

Flag Raising Ceremony at our campsite

WhiteShield (Foreign Talent to boost the team's chance)

Venture Hulbert adding strength to the troop.

Sec one's Bryan, Indra Fahmi and Kai Feng smiling! wah no pain ah?

Romeo and Darryl having fun?

Of Course they say!

Good luck during the District Field Day!
Posted by DreamKeeper

Changes in Sec One Administrative Matters

Dear Sec ones;

Please email the following details to your SPL Martin Lim at this email

1. Your Name and NRIC Number.
2. Your Home, Handphone and Parent's handphone number. (Again for re-confirmation)
2. Your Address.
3. Any Medical Conditions.( Example Asthma/Short of Breath)
4. Any Special Diet ( Example Halal/Vegetarian)
5. Your blood group.
6. Your t-shirt size ( XL/L/M/S/XS)

You can complete the following administrative matters over the long weekend holiday that you have.

Yours in Scouting
Mr Basheer Khan(Dreamkeeper)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Percussion Practice!

Say Cheese Samba Boys!
Ismail : Hold stick like this more stylo!
Jasper :Me and my Djembe all in a corner
Horzett: Eh why you beat my surdo! you got your own!

Our Scouts Den ! From humble beginnings to a proud and progressive troop!

The "Samba Bersurai" for the percussion boys!

Sec 1 Administration

Dear Sec ones;

Please email the following details to your SPL Martin Lim at this email address

1. Your NRIC Number.
2. Your Address.
3. Any Medical Conditions.( Example Asthma/Short of Breath)
4. Any Special Diet ( Example Halal/Vegetarian)

You can complete the following administrative matters over the long weekend holiday that you have.

Yours in Scouting
Mr Basheer Khan


Hi PLC members,

Kindly ensure that the following administrative issues are done:

1. Training File (From Wesley) : Weekly program PLAN for Patrol and Unit Meeting. Major events from Jan to June. Boys progressive scheme (meaning to say what they have complete for their standards), Also, what proficiency badges they have too.

2. Admin File (From Scribe): PIC minutes, PLC minutes. Program sheet for every meeting (patrol & unit). New updated contact list of boys. Name list of boys in patrol. Activities (external) that boys have participated and namelist, meeting attendance.

Kindly ensure that these are done by 23 Jan 2009, Friday. Justin will be down to school to check on these.

Sorry for the last minutes updates, hope to see the above mentioned documents by 23 Jan 2009 Friday =D


Hi Boys;

I would like to remind you there is CCA tomorrow at 3.00 p.m. It is not a half day as what some of you might think. It is a designated full school day despite the concert and dismissal at 12.00.

The school will still function normally with CCA conducted.

Please bring $2 for registration at the District Scouts Inter-School field day competition and carnival.

If your parents have any questions please ask them to call me.

Yours in scouting


Dear Boys,

Visit this link:

PLs & APLs should read this. Even for those who aspire to be a PL, this is a good site to understand the importance of a Patrol.

Yours in Scouting
Wisdom Keeper

"The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others"

Check out your Patrol Polo-T designs for the back!

Posted by Dreamkeeper

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To all sec ones,
we will bring you to the scouts shop by chartered bus next friday 30th January at 3.30 p.m. Here is the breakdown of the prices for your uniform for your parents perusal. Please prepare this amount for collection on Wednesday 28th January during scouts meeting.

Posted by Dreamkeeper
Gentlemen please look forward to the District Field Day Competition on the 21st of February Saturday at Changkat Changi Secondary School.
The chartered bus will pick all of you up at 8.30 am outside the school gate. There will be a registration fee of $20 per team. This works out to be $2 per person.

Your PLs will collect $2 from you for this competition this Friday 23rd January.

These are the following teams that will represent the Oneida Scouts Group.

1. Rangers Team (Led by Sue Ren Hao)
2. Thunder Cats ( Led by Marcus Tan Yi Yong)
3. Ice Sharks (Led by Ang Horzett)
4. Snow Tigers (Led by Daryl Lim)
5. Timber Wolves (Led by Kevin Khor)

Look out for more updates as the day comes nearer.

Posted by Dream Keeper
By God's grace the troop has achieved the highest record of sec ones choosing scouts as first choice CCA for 2009. May the troop be as progressive as it had been for many years to come.

Here is the updated Patrol List.
Do remember to keep track of your own patrol members and updates from your
Patrol Leader (PL)
Posted by Dreamkeeper

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here is your seniors when they performed at the National Day Dinner at Tampines Constituency!

For the percussion unit, here is your inspiration enjoy!


Hello my fellow gentlemen.

This is the video of your seniors when they performed at Tiong Bahru Plaza . We have a few campfires to attend this year the first being the district scouts campfire on 21st February. Please look out for the District Filed Day and Campfire on the eve of our founder's day.....

Posted by


Monday, January 19, 2009

First Class Hike

Dear Sec 3s,

Please be informed of the following dates:

21 Jan: Submission of Prelim Report
30 Jan: Results of Prelim Report (Consent form will be given out on this day)
7 - 8 Feb: First Class Hike

Please bear in mind that this will be the last hike for you. Otherwise, you won't be getting what you wanted as planned by you.

Yours in Scouting
Wisdom Keeper

Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome 2009

Hello Guys!

Welcome back again and lets look forward to a great year ahead.

HAPPY 2009!


Yours in Scouting
Wisdom Keeper