Friday, July 30, 2010

East Area Scouts Sports Tournament

It is with great pleasure that I announce to all the results of the East Area Sports Tournament.

Out of 9 participating schools, East Spring Oneida achieved the following results.

Basket Ball : Gold (Champions)
Soccer : Bronze (2nd Runner-up)
Floorball (Alpha) : Gold (Champions)
Floorball (Beta) : Silver (1st Runners-up)(Girls Team)

Special mention must go out to the floorball girls team who fought very valiantly against an all boys tournament group to come in 2nd placing.

With these results and the weeks spent training for your sports badge, I am pleased to inform you all of the scouts who participated in this tournament and won 1st to 3rd placing have passed the sports badge!!

Well done to all, you have made me very proud to be your GSL!

Mr Basheer Khan (DreamKeeper)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Singapore Jamboree 2010

Dear Scouts,

For those who have signed up for the Jamboree, please kindly submit the payment of $200 either in CASH or CHEQUE (pay to: THE SINGAPORE SCOUT ASSOCIATION) to Mr Khan before 7th August 2010, Saturday.

These are the Scouts who need to submit the payment:

Poh Kang Yu
Tan Wee Theng Terence
Lim Kai Feng
Muhammad Haziq Bin Hairanudin
Kevin Khor Kai Wen
Kerwyn Lim Jiong Han
Marcus Tan Yi Yong
Shaun Wah Zhi Yang
Nurul Fitriah Bin Norsidek
Timothy Yip
Humaira Salleh
Nicholas Khor Kai Xiang
Shawn Tan Da Wei
Ho Kai Chin

Since the donation draw results are not out yet, those who have paid for the Jamboree fee will get a refund of the prized amount if you are one of the winner for Donation Draw 2010. For those who didn't sign up, please don't give up. This is because if you emerge as the winner and you didn't sign up for Jamboree, we will sign you up later.




Singapore Jamboree 2010

Dear Scouts,

For those who have signed up for the Jamboree, please kindly submit the payment of $200 either in CASH or CHEQUE (pay to: THE SINGAPORE SCOUT ASSOCIATION) to Mr Khan before 7th August 2010, Saturday.

Since the donation draw results are not out yet, those who have paid for the Jamboree fee will get a refund of the prized amount if you are one of the winner for Donation Draw 2010. For those who didn't sign up, please don't give up. This is because if you emerge as the winner and you didn't sign up for Jamboree, we will sign you up later.




Monday, July 26, 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please be reminded that your unit meeting have been pushed forward to this Wednesday (28 July 2010). Please take note that you guys will be having footdrills, so please maintain the standard of your uniform and be prepared.

Time: 1430 [Fall in]
Venue: Outside Scout Den
Things To Bring: PT Kit (white activity Tee and shorts), waterbottle, Marching Boots (if you have).


For those who are unsure about the East Area Sports Carnival, please take note thats on Friday (30 July 2010), you will be wearing your Blue Unit Tee and PE shorts.


All Sec 2s and 3s that are striving for your First Class Scout Standard, I strongly encourage you to make an effort to attempt the FCH 05/10 so that you would have more experience and also to have more tries on the CCA hike after you passed your First Class Hike.

Like we always say "Do it well, Do it once."

Im hoping to see active participation on your own standards especially the hike part.


As all of you know, donation draw 2010 is coming to an end soon, i hope all of you are continuously selling and not giving up. Remember your fifth scout law "A scout has courage in all difficulties". There will definitely be rewards for your effort, but make sure that you are fighting for it if not there would be none.

I am hoping for everyone to achieve their gold squirrel badge.

Marcus Tan
Oneida Scout Unit

Sunday, July 25, 2010

East Area Sports Carnival 2010

Dear Fellow Scouts;

It ismy pleasure to announce to you the East Area Sports Carnival 2010 will be held for the first time in East Spring Secondary School on Friday 30th July.

There are so far 2 teams confirmed for floorball, 1 team confirmed for basketball from our school.

I would like to invite for the boy scouts unit to form up a 7 men soccer team. They cannot be in any of the other teams participating in the softball or basketball.

Do give me a call as soon as you have a team formed up. First come first serve basis.

Also I will inviting non participants to be service scouts when I see you for your scouts meeting on Wednesday.

Train hard and good luck to all the teams.



Dear ALL,

1. Sports Climbing Course
Course Date: 12 Sept 2010, Sunday
1000hrs to 1730hrs
Max pax:
20 Scouts & Ventures

Please register by
1 August 2010, 1500hrs.

Full amount of this course is $60. You will need to pay $20 for this course. Upon completion of this course, you will receive certificate from Singapore Mountaineering Federation and Mountain Climbing Proficiency Badge.

If you have any difficulties to pay for $20, please indicate in the Remarks column. To register,

2. First Class Exploration Test 05/10 (FCET)
Please take note of the following dates:

Submission of FCET 05/10 Prelim Report: 2 August 2010, Monday
(Please submit to your respective Venture ICs)

FCSET 05/10 Hike dates: 04 - 05 September 2010

Please take note that this will be the last FCET for the year.

3. Batch Patch 2010 Briefing
Please take note that there will be a briefing on

Date: 31 July 2010, Saturday
Time: 11.30am to 1pm
Venue: Scout HQ, Programme Room
Attire: Full Scout Uniform

These are the Scouts involve in this briefing:

For those who are involve in First Class Exploration Hike 04/10, you need not have to attend this briefing.

Please take note that starting from 13 September 2010, our Scout Meetings will suspend until the end of the school's 2nd Semester 2010 Examination. However, you are still required to attend courses that you have signed up as per normal.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear Brother & Sister Scouts ,

As you all know that our meeting for the 30th of July have been brought forward to the 28th of July , Wedesday.

On the 28th,will be the Master Parade selection and all of you are to report in Full Scout Uniform @ 1430hours

All girls are to bring a full hair net ( no bun net allowed) for the selection.

Hope to see all of you getting excited & don't forget to sell your donation draw tickets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


Yours In Scouting

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Please note that you are to submit your report fulfilling the criterias given on Wednesday 28th July ,2010 .

Submittion later than that will not be accepted

Thanks =)

Yours In Scouting

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For all those who have already sign up for the YOG Badge, please get your criteria from Ammal and submit a report fulfilling all the criterias.

For Scouts interested to be a participant for the Badge patch, please give your names to your respective PLs .
PLs please consolidate their names and give it to me or TL Marcus ASAP .
(take note this is not for those who already volunteered for Service Scout)

Thank You

Yours In Scouting

Monday, July 19, 2010

Important Updates for all Scouts

For all scouts;

The school is having english oral exams in the school halls for the next 2 weeks.

In light of this recent development and the many activities that we are concurrently having,

1) There will be no floorball or frisbee training sessions this week. We shall train during the
Frisbee Clinic this coming friday along with the rest of the teams from the other schools.

2) Next week I shall focus on only the floorball teams on Thursday. This is because next Friday
30th July, they will be playing in the Katong District Sport Competition and it will be hosted in
our school.

3) There will be no more percussion training or performances until the 7th and 9th August
performance at Tampines One. I need a break and I think so do all of you.

Please spend some family time with your parents and don't forget to keep up with school work and your studies for the exams.

Any doubts, please just call me.

Mr Basheer

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donation Draw Updates!!!

People who have not done the survey for the donation draw prizes I am losing my patience with you!!!

1. Marcus Chan Wee Kang
2. Teng Yue Kai Austen
3. Lau Rong Xian
4. Ng Chun Mun Sean
5. Ng Chye Siong Christopher
6. Ong Jian Rui Keith
7. Muhammad Danial B Ismail
8. Muhammad Arif B Jamsuri
9. Poh Kang Yu
10. Cheong Yao Shan Andrew
11. Selwin Sim Wei Sheng
12. Tan Da Wei Shawn
13. Ang Horzett
14. Jasper Lee Ze Shen
15. Giggson Tan Wen Xuan

1. Nurul Fitriah Bte Norsidek
2. Nur Diyana Bte Mukri
3. Nurul Iryana Bte Hashim
4. Nur Shafiqah Bte Zainal Abidin
5. Nur Syafi'eah Bte Sa'at
6. Sriyanni Rizanti
7. Sri Dhaniah
8. Nur Nafisah
9. Lim Jia Hui
10. Nurul Sorfina

***Please complete the survey by 15 July 2010!!!***

Collection of Donation Draw Tickets

Attention: Nurul Sorfina and Nur Nafisah
Please look for me ASAP to collect your donation draw tickets!!!

Returning of Donation Draw Tickets

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Please note that there will be a upcoming collection of money and sold booklets on the 19 July 2010.

However please note that in the event you need more tickets straight away please do not hesitate to contact me @ 96334708(HP).

I strongly advise against holding on to too much money of those sold booklet!!!

Donation Draw Prizes

This is also the best and the only opportunity in a year for you to earn your squirrel badge.

The following are requirement for you to earn your squirrel badge:
Merit - At least 10 booklets & above
Bronze - At least 15 booklets & above
Sliver - At least 20 booklets & above
Gold - At least 30 booklets & above

*Bonus: For individuals who sells more than 60 booklets

-ONEIDA SCOUT GROUP will sponsor half of what you have to pay for the Singapore Jamboree 2010!!!


-Exclusive Customise Oneida Jacket(Different from the leaders!!!) with your name and if you the top earner in your patrol you get to place your patrol badge (Now extinct!!!)


-A proper new camping bag with up to $60 sponsership from the ONEIDA SCOUT GROUP (Receipt must be produced upon request and purchase cannot be made before approval and notice to me is made!!!)

*Bonus: For individual patrol(BSU & GSU combined) who sells an average of 50 booklets per person or more

-Exclusive Customise Oneida Patrol T-shirt with names and appointment(SPL/ PL/ APL) sewn on!!!

*Bonus: If ONEIDA SCOUT GROUP hits our target of $10,000, we will organise a Oneida Scout Group 3D2N Chalet '10. The Group will sponsor up to $350 for the chalet the rest will be shared by all of US!!!

So let's all work hard, play hard and fight hard for our unit!!!

Yours in Scouting

Flaming Arrow
Oneida Scout Group
Group Council IC

Monday, July 12, 2010

Service Scout for Badge Patch Carnival 2010

Hi Brothers and Sisters

I would like to seek for service scout for the upcoming BPC 2010.

All interested parties are to register via the online registration form by 14 July 2010.

Click here to register!!!

Yours in Scouting

Flaming Arrow

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please note that the next donation draw collection will be on next Monday , on the 19th of July @ East Spring Secondary School

Hope everyone is working hard to achieve their desired squirrel badge !!!!!!!!!! :D

Yours In Scouting
Dear all Quarter Masters (BSU & GSU),

there will be den cleaning on wednesday 14 july. for those who are taking part in the frisbee challenge, you may skip this session and go for your frisbee training.

Kai Feng

Saturday, July 10, 2010

District Frisbee Competition

Hi All;

I have found out that we are allowed to send in 4 teams of scouts for the competition.

Those participating and training for this competition will pursue their sports badge,

Apart from the team with Kevin Khor all other students who have expressed interest in forming teams, are allowed to come for training.

Please be attired for training on wednesday 3.40 pm at the school field.
I will personally be in charge of training you for the competition.

See you on Wednesday


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donation Draw Prizes 2010

Hi Brothers and Sisters

I need you guys to retake the survey again!!! All are required to complete the survey.

Click here to take survey

Yours in Scouting

Flaming Arrow
Oneida Scout Group

Tampines District Scout Lore Quest

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am pleased to announce to you that the Tampines District Scout Lore Quest is open for registration.

Date: 4 September 2010
Time: 9am to 2pm
Fees: $15.00 per team ($3 each member)
Eligibility: Sec 2 and above

Team capacity: 5 Scouts per team and maximum 2 participant teams per school.

So if you are interested form up your group and email to me your Team Name, Group Member's name, NRIC, Handphone number and D.O.B.

Group leader to submit payment to me lastest by 16 July 2010.

Yours in Scouting

Flaming Arrow
Group Council IC
Oneida Scout Group

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

" A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances. "
-Robert Baden-Powell

Hello Brother and Sister Scouts :)

This Friday, will be the first Scout meeting for this Semester and I really hope everyone is excited and looking forward to it since its been a long time and break ..

So the following are the details for this Friday .
Date : 09/07/10
Time to Report: 1430hours
Attire : Full Scout Uniform
Things to bring :
  • PT Kit (blue activity shirt )
  • Oneida Scout Record Book
  • First Class Manual (For Advanced Scout Standard Holders)

Thank You

Yours In Scouting

Ultimate Frisbee Competition

Get Excited! and submit your names soon to form up the teams and to start training.


Dear Scouts;

I am pleased to announce the following teams of scouts are selected to participate in a C division scouts floorball competition on the 30th July at Dunman High School.

Boys Team

1) Kai Feng
2) Romeo
3) Shalihan
4) Bryan
5) Kerwyn
6) Kang Yu
7) Shawn Tan

Girls Team

1) Nur Syafi'eah
2) Nur Syafiqah
3) Diyana
4) Nicole
5) Nur Nafisah
6) Neo Hui Ping
7) Shi Jin

Both teams will start training with our school floorball teams on Thursday starting tomorrow from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm. Please be attired in white activity t shirt/ pe shorts and track shoes and report to the hall.

All participants will pass their sports badge at the end of training sessions concluded.

Dream Keeper

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Payment for Fireman Course

The following people please meet me to pay for the course by Thursday 8 July 2010:

Marvin Chew Kai Jun
Terence Tan
Siti Neng Diyana
Sriyanni Rizanti
Poh Kang Yu

Yours in Scouting

Flaming Arrow

Kijiang Campfire/ Frisbee Challenge / CCA Ceremony

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kijiang Campfire
For those who are interested in attending kijiang campfire this Saturday, please kindly give your names to your respective SPLs by Thursday. SPLs, please submit the consolidated name list to your Venture ICs on Thursday too.

(SYF Percussion, please kindly sign yourself up as you will be performing for this campfire. LET'S get excited!)

Frisbee Challenge is now open for registration. Please form your own team and and register online! Click here to register.

Closing date for registration is: 11 July 2010, Sunday

CCA Ceremony
I'm pleased to inform you that the following scouts have been selected to attend the ceremony.

Kerwyn Lim
Nurul Fitriah
Nur Syafi'eah
Nur Shafiqah
Marcus Tan
Poh Kangyu
Siti Neng Diyana
Muhammad Shalihan
Shawn Tan
Lim Kai Feng
Martin Lim
Muhammad Haziq
Neo Huiping
Giggson Tan
Jasper Sim
Hulbert Teng
Humaira Salleh
Chiang Karmun
Loh Shi Chang
Thomas Mak

For those who have registered and are not selected, thank you for your interest.

Should you have any queries, please contact me personally.

Thank you.


First Class Exploration Hike Prelim Report

Dear Advance Scout Standard Holders,

Those who are interested in going for the September First Class Hike,
Take note that you are to submit your Preliminary Report on;

Date: 31st July 2010
Day: Saturday

If you need any guidance for your preliminary report, please feel free to look for your venture IC.

Lastly, To those who had submitted your report. Good Job for your effort and hard work.

The following are some details to take note;
Your Preliminary report debrief is on...

Date: 22nd July 2010
Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm
Venue: Tampines East Community Centre McDonald's

Thank You

Yours In Scouting,
Chiang Kar Mun
OFCET Examiner

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please do watch this video launch of the SSA Website



Pioneering Model

To all Advance and First Class Scout Standard Holders,

You are required to research on pioneering model as you will be making a pioneering model on the coming Scout meeting on 9th July 2010 Friday.
You are free to be creative in your model design.

Yours In Scouting,
Chiang Kar Mun

SYF 2010 (Actual)

Singapore Youth Festival 2010


Not forgetting our SYF Marching Contingent!