Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CCA Ceremony
Dear all,
These are the names of people who are invited to go for the CCA Ceremony...

Mervin Song
Kenneth Siang
Marcus Chan
Sri Dhaniah
Fonseka Vera Vanessa
Lim Yuan Shun
Nicole Sim
Hamka Bin Iskandar
Jia Le
Wei Qiang Isabelle Han
Carrie Quek
Aderline Cher
Shaun Wah
Lau Rong Xian

Please be reminded that you need to be at HQ at 4.30pm for the Ceremony
Attire: Full u( National Scarf)
Nicole Sim

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scout Meeting Resumes

Dear All,

As your CAs are over, scout meeting will resume as usual tomorrow. Please bring your Full Scout Uniform and Dark Blue PT Kit.

Failure to attend tomorrow's meeting without a valid reason ( MC or Parent's letter) is strictly not tolerated.

Timothy Yip
Thunder Cats PL