Monday, June 20, 2011


To all my boys and girls;

Let us congratulate our DPC team for a well deserved effort in achieving Silver for the DPC competition 2011.

For all their valiant efforts despite having a member down with gastric and sent home during his orienteering and also having been disqualified.

There are many reasons why we were not meant to win this competition even though our structure did not collapse or our own leaders disqualified you in your orienteering.

It was meant to test how much humility and resillience you have in yourselves to accept defeat.

For all the efforts in being humble when the results were announced and in telling me you have not given up and will pick yourselves up dust yourselves and progress on,

I am proud to call you my boys and girls of ONEIDA.

Let us look forward now to the NPC with the resillience that we are known for.



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