Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CCA Points

Dear Brothers and Sisters

All the students who have received your cca record sheet and have any errors please fill it up and pass to [TL]Lim Kai Feng by tomorrow latest by tomorrow afternoon anywhere.
Thank You

Yours In Scouting
Kerwyn Lim
Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Group

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tampines District Sports Carnival 2011

Group Champions!!!!!
Ultimate Frisbee Team B Silver Holders

Floorball Team B Bronze Holders

Ultimate Frisbee Team A Gold Award Holders

Floorball Team A Gold Award Holders

Congratulations to our FLOORBALL and ULTIMATE FRISBEE teams for making us proud in winning their respective tournaments.

You have truly deserved your Sports Badge after all the training and lecture on the rules of the game.

Let no one question you now about the badges on your sleeves coz you have earned the right to don it proudly!

Let us keep our fire burning for the National Level in December and prove what a neighbourhood school like East Spring Secondary is capable of.....

At the same time keep your humility and remember even as winners "the best is always yet to be".......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BSU Friday Meeting (16 September)

Dear Brothers,

For this Friday meeting, we are going to do some simple backwoodsman!

Each patrol is supposed to cook a whole chicken and some bread (a packet of self-raising flour), so please do get the ingredients before the meeting starts at 1430. Directly after school on Friday, please fall in outside the scout den and get some black trash bag from me to collect your leaves and twigs for your patrol.

After you have collected enough twigs and leaves, I would still require some help from the secondary 1 and 2 to set up the 3-2-1 Flag Pole for the meeting.

Just to remind you all, please do not be late for the meeting and fall in outside the scout den at 1430 in your full uniform so you won't miss eating your delicious chicken and bread!

Yours in Scouting
Kang Yu
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (BSU)
Oneida Scout Unit

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tampines District Sports Carnival Service Scouts

There will a briefing for the service scouts on:
Day: Wednesday
Date: 14/Sep/2011
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Classroom

These are the names that sign up for the event:
Yong Jie
Shawn Ng
Teck Chong

Welcome back

Dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome back from your one week break. Scout meetings are still on on every wednesday and friday, same time same attire. The meetings will be study groups unless otherwise specified.


Full attendance will be required everyday.

SERIOUS DISCIPLINARY ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AGAINST PEOPLE WHO DO NOT COME FOR MEETINGS, especially this coming friday, 16 September as Sir Wisdom Keeper will be coming down to observe the meeting.

Yours In Scouting
Lim Kai Feng
Senior Patrol Leader(BSU)/Troop Leader
Oneida Scout Unit

Proud and Progressive