Monday, June 14, 2010

Donation Draw 2010

Hi All

I've heard from some that they have finished selling their tickets. GREAT JOB :) Keep up the good work and look forward to your reward!!! :P

ATTENTION if your name is below:
1. Ng Chun Mun Sean
2. Muhd Danial Adryan Bin Ismail
3. Nurul Sorfina Dinah
4. Lim Jia Hui
5. Nur Nafisah Bte A. Rahim
6. Jasmine Lee Jia Yi
7. Arif
8. Steve Chao Po Hao
9. Muhammad Shalihan Bin Othman
10. Ng Mun Yew Samuel
11. Muhd Romeo Ashraff Bin Ismail
12. Nur Diyana Bte Mukri
13. Sharifah Noura Aljunied
14. Humaira Binte Salleh
15. Nur Diyana Binte Azman
16. Khelin Hoo Kah Ling
17. Phiranthorn Yongkitpat
18. Thomas Mak Jing Hao

Please meet me lastest by Thursday 17 June 2010 to collect your Donation Draw Tickets!!! Patrol Leader please ensure that your members collect their Donation Draw Tickets, if they are unable to collect please let me know the reason before 16 June 2010.

If you guys have finished selling your tickets, please look for me to hand in the money so that you do not lose it. REMEMBER if you lose it you have to pay for it!!!

Please feel free to contact me to get more tickets from me if you need. You may contact me at 96334708 (HP) or @

Yours In Scouting

Flaming Arrow
Group Council IC
Oneida Scout Group
"Together as ONEida scout"

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