Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Annoucement to ALL SCOUTS and Parents

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Soon enough, school will resume in less than 2 weeks time. Let me take this opportunity to thank all Scouts for your active participation and your enthusiasm for attending all Scout meetings and call ups. Also, the Group would also like to thank the Parents, for their everlasting support to your child/ward in all the activities.

As we understand very much of the packed and hectic schedule the Group's program and the Association have. We are pleased to inform you of the following:

1. Starting from 5 July 2010 to 13 August 2010, there will not be any meetings conducted on Wednesdays. This is to allow your child to return home early to spend more time with you and your family.

2. In view of the Singapore Youth Festival 2010 participation, the Group have decided to cancel the 1st week of meeting (Wednesday & Friday) when Term 3 starts (28 June 2010 to 2 July 2010).

3. Taking into consideration of our Scouts' academics in school, the Group also have decided to bring forward 2 weeks earlier of our Group's practice to convert normal meetings to Oneida Study Group. Please do take note that Scouts are required to attend Wednesday Study Group. Hence, the effective date that the Oneida Study Group (Wednesdays & Fridays) will start from 16 August 2010 to 30 September 2010.

In order to make this Oneida Study Group Session more effective, your child/ward will be group into their individual Patrol (size of maximum 8 members) and will be allocated a classroom to study. The Ventures (graduates of ESSS) will be present to assist your child/ward should they have any questions.

4. In order to allow you to understand your child's/ward's involvement in Scouting, below is a Goggle Calendar with all activities of the Group's activities, Courses as well as programs available for you to view.

Please take note that this arrangement is made for the Group's Program. Should your child/ward have signed up for any course(s), he/she should attend all required meetings.

All parents will receive a letter of this announcement by our Group Scout Leader (Teacher in Charge) when school reopens.

WE, Oneida Scout Group, care for each and every member as one family. If you have concerns and or any queries for your child's/ward's growth as well as the program of the group, please do not hesitate to contact our Group Scout Leader (Teacher in-Charge) Mr. Basheer Khan at HP No. 9765 1923. The Scout Teachers in charge as well as our committed Leaders and ICs will be glad to work together with you.

Thank you.

Yours in Scouting
Justin Ng aka Wisdom Keeper
Assistant Group Scout Leader
Oneida Scout Group
"Together as ONEida scout"

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