Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crime Prevention 2010

Dear Scouts,

This is the name list for those who have signed up this course. More details will be released to you later.

Giggson Tan Wen Xuan
humaira salleh
kenneth siang jun wei
Kerwyn Lim Jiong Han
Lim Jia Hui
Lim Kai Feng
Marcus Tan Yi Yong
Muhammad Haziq Bin Hairanudin
Muhammad Shalihan Bin Othman
Nur Diyana Azman
Nur Fadhilah Binte Shuib
Poh Kang Yu
Sharifah Noura Aljunied
Steve Chao
Tan yong jie
Timothy Yip
Ho kai chin
Muhammad Romeo Ashaff bin Ismail

Anyway, this is such an easy yet enriching course. I'm surprised that not many Sec 1s signed up. This is suppose to be a course for Sec 1s. Well... next registration is next year.


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