Monday, January 25, 2010

Wednesday Meeting (BSU)

Hey guys!!!

hope all of you are excited in seeing the new scouts coming in this week!! Please give them a warm welcome and instill the brotherhood and family spirit in them.

I am sure all of you want to attend the courses that Venture Hulbert has posted on the blog,so please give your names and the courses that you're interested in to your individual PLs so that they can pass it to me.

Another thing is to pass $0.50 to your PLs for the progressive scheme that you have received 2 weeks ago.

Below are the details of Wednesday's meeting-

Reporting Time : 1430hr
Venue : Outside Scout Den
Attire : PT Kit (ESSS PE Shirt)

See all of you guys soon!!

Yours in Scouting

Oneida Scout Group
Jasper Sim

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