Sunday, January 31, 2010

PLC Training Camp (BSU)

Hey Guys,

for the camp, the hairstyle has been changed. You do not need to cut GI3 if you don't want to or not allowed to, but make sure that it is short and need or the camp committee will be delighted to help you trim it.

If you have not seen the previous post regarding the camp, these are the details:

Important things to bring:
1. Full-uniform with national scarf
2. Unit scarf (Boys)
3. Poncho
4. Cutlery
5. Paper and pen
6. 1.5L water bottle

Time to report:
1400hrs for all except Muslim boys
1445hrs for Muslim boys
Venue: Outside Scout den
Full-Uniform for boys

Please meet up with the girl scouts in your patrol to discuss about the following things:

1. Patrol Identity
2. Patrol Cheer


Yours in Scouting
Jasper Sim
Oneida Scout Group

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  1. That’s really a good advice. The students need to know they are making a choice for their lives. It’s an important step to start building their careers.