Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girl Scout Unit

Dear GIRLS !

Hope the Frisbee yesterday was an enjoyable but yet enriching one for all of you ! =)

As following are the things to take note of and prepare for Friday's Meeting;

- Attire: Half Uniform ( Scout Unit Polo )
- Time to report : 1430hrs

Things to bring:
- Scout Progress Book with PLASTIC COVER
- 50 cents
- Registration form with PASSPORT SIZED PHOTO attached.
- Waterbottle of at least 500ml.
- PT kit

As for Faiqah, these are the additional things to bring on Friday;
- $2.50
*****- Medical Certificate (MC)
I hope you are feeling much better already ! xD

Look forward to a great day on Friday alright? ~
xD Cheers !

Yours In Venturing,
Chin Sze Ying

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