Monday, February 18, 2013

Wednesday 20/2/2013

Dear Brother and Sisters, 

The secondary 1s will need to bring your scout uniform for checking on Wednesday to check for the correct size and to make sure you have every single item in your uniform. The secondary 1s will also need to bring along $2.50 to purchase your name tag. For those who had given the $4 for the Frank Cooper Sands Badge and the name tag, you will be refunded $1.50 as the Frank Cooper Sands Badge will be paid for you. 

For those who are interested in the CD or SANA course, please pass your name and money to your SPLs, SPL Hamka for CD course and SPL Carrie for SANA course.

For this Wednesday meeting, it will be sports training, so those who are not participating will not need to stay back. 

Lim Yuan Shun
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Troop

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