Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Badges, Badges, and More Badges

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Hey how's it going for you guys and gals???

Great News: Lots of badge coming your way if you want it!!!

Crime Prevention Course

There is a National Crime Prevention Course organised by the National Crime Prevention Council.

This course is open up to all scouts who are interested. Should you be interested to get your crime prevention badge, please give your names to your respective PLs.

SPLs please consolidate the names of those interested and pass it to me by 25 May 2010.

YOG Interest Badge

To know more about how to get this badge, feel free to look for your respective Venture IC and express your interest in the badge. Your Venture ICs will be more then willing to share with you how to get this badge.

Please do so before the 28 May 2010. Respective Venture IC please email me the full names and NRIC of those who are interested.


Yours in Scouting

Hulbert Teng aka Flaming Arrow

Council Venture IC

Oneida Scout Group

"Together As ONEIDA Scout"

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