Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oneida Group Forum

Dear Brothers and Sister Scouts,

I'm pleased to inform you that in order to go GREEN (SAVE ENVIRONMENT!), we have set up a forum for all members of the Oneida Scout Group to access.

In this forum, you will be able to access all lecture notes ranging from Cub Scouts to Rovers. Also, we have shifted our Group History and Past Senior Patrol Leader History to the forum. There are more new stuffs added there too!

How to sign up? Simple! Visit the forum @ and read up the instructions under 'Register'.

You are also encourage to post up any ideas for your own patrol or to suggest anything!

However, please take note that the function of the forum WILL NOT replace this blog. This will still serve it's function of disseminating immediate information out. SO CHECK THIS BLOG REGULARLY TOO!

To make it easier, I've placed a shortcut link in this blog under 'Scouting Links'

While we are in the mist of updating/uploading the documents and improving on the forum, you may start to post your messages there first! The forum's documents will be ready by June.

Thanks and Cheers!

Yours in Scouting
Justin Ng aka Wisdom Keeper
Asst. Group Scout Leader

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