Tuesday, February 2, 2010



please remember to submit your consent form by Wednesday (3/2/10). pass the money ($15) to Venture Shi Chang and sign the activity record sheet.

Guys that did not cut G.I, do keep your hair neat and short or else any of the camp committee members would be more than willing to cut your hair for you.

If any of you do not know what to prepare for the camp, ASK!!!! Approach your PLs or any of the ventures or you will suffer during the camp.

Preparation for the camp:

1. Patrol Identity
2. Patrol Cheer
3. Plan for backwoodsman with low budget

For those who do not know how to waterproof your bags, please approach your PLs or any of the ventures. Please lend a helping hand to your fellow sisters if they approach you for help.

Also please take note of the following details,

Important things to bring:
1. Full-uniform with national scarf
2. Unit scarf (Boys)
3. Poncho
4. Cutlery
5. Paper and pen
6. 1.5L water bottle

Time to report:
1400hrs for all except Muslim boys
1445hrs for Muslim boys
Venue: Outside Scout den


If there is queries regarding the camp, please feel free to email the camp chief, Venture Hulbert, at hulbert.fa@gmail.com

Yours in Scouting
Jasper Sim

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