Friday, February 5, 2010


I know that some of you all here are rather worried for the PLC-D Camp.
Just want to reassure everyone that everything is going to turn out fine.
Afterall, it is just 3D2N. right ? =)

Yes, the camp would definitely not be an easy one due to the big fat D.
However, instead of harping and worrying non-stop because of the D..
why not let this D-camp be a gauge for each and every individual one of you here to know where your standards are and where do you exactly stand.
from there, work on it =)))

For those who do not know how to work as a patrol; its time to learn. =)
Set aside any differences anyone of you may have because all of you are in a patrol.
Be amazed by all the great works that can be done working TOGETHER.
=) It is NOT about MYSELF but WE.

Let this camp be an opportunity for you all to know your own brothers and sisters better !!


Chin Sze Ying

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