Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Unit Meeting 29/03/17

Dear brothers and sisters,
Attached below are some of the photographs taken during today's soccer activity and reflection done by some of our scouts. 

Today we played soccer during scouts and it was fun as we got to bond more and play with each other, which was very nice as we are all from different class hence the chance of us playing together was very little. Thus I am glad that we have the chance to play with each other.
- Wendalyn 

The soccer game was fun but tiring at the same time but i believe all of us enjoyed it and i hope we can get more of these types of games so that we can release some stress after a long day of school.
- Wallace 

I felt like the soccer game we played just now was really beneficial and fun. Many of us managed to bond with one another by working together as team. I could really tell we were all enjoying the games as we all looked really happy while playing together as ONE. This game really did strengthen our relationship and I would really like to have more games like this in the future. 
- Qistina                     
Today's activity was fun as we got to know each other better, and it was a good break from doing foot drills.
- Jovan

The soccer game was really fun and it made me bond and I got closer to my batchmates. Although the grass was still wet from the heavy rain some time before CCA started, and quite a few people fell down because it was slippery, we all still had fun. At the last part when we took a picture while throwing the leaves on the ground, some of the leaves got stuck in our hair and some even fell into our shirts. Some people did not even realise and we had to tell them there were twigs and leaves in their hair. This made me feel like we got more comfortable with each other. After taking the picture, we cleaned up the spot and brought the leaves back to where it belong. As we were taught to always leave a place cleaner than when you found it. Overall, it was really enjoyable !
- Jaden 

Yours In Scouting 
Toi Xin Ying 
Senior Patrol Leader 
Oneida Scout Unit 

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