Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Friday Meeting, 08/01/2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Below are the details for this Friday's meeting,

Time: 1430hrs (Fall in at 1415hrs)
Attire: Full Scout Uniform and Dark Blue Unit Tee

Please ensure that your uniform is in tip top condition.
-Beret is to be seasoned
-Blue scarf (Sec 3s & 4s) / Red scarf (Sec 2s) is to be rolled up neatly and scout logo on the woggle can't be faded
-ALL badges are to be sewn
-Hair is to be neatly tied up in a bun with a hair net (for ALL girls)

You are required to hand in the signed CCA Open House form.
ALL  Sec 4s are to bring your Green Booklet & NYAA Booklet.
ALL Sec 3s & Sec 2s are to bring your Green Booklet.

If you have any further questions, you may contact me or any of the PLC members.

Nur Ameerah Bte Nassirudin
Senior Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Unit

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