Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Meeting, 17/04/13

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Wednesday, 17/04/13 please fall in in your Full Scout Uniform and bring along your White PT Kit.
Please also ensure that your uniform is in tiptop condition.

For the Sec ones, please study up for your First aid as on that day there will be a test for it. Study hard and pass it once and for all .
For the Sec Twos and above, please come down to the den earlier and start building the flagpole asap.

Also take note that if you were to be absent for CCA, only MC will be accepted. ( a photocopy of it is also fine if you need to give it to your form teacher ) Parents Letter will not be not accepted unless compassionate reasons.

Yours In Scouting,
Hamka Iskandar
Senior Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Unit

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