Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PLC Voting Day !

Dear Brother and Sister scouts,

The long awaited PLC Voting day has finally arrived!

Details of the meeting is as such:
Date: 1 February 2013
Time: 1500 hrs - 1800 hrs
Attire: Full Uniform, Bring PT Kit (Blue)
Levels: Sec 1s - 4s

Voting Procedure:
1st Round: Nominate & Vote (SPL)
  • Nominate ONE SPL Candidate from your own patrol decided as a patrol.
  • Everyone will be entitled to vote for the SPLs candidate. (Including ex PLC members)

2nd Round: Vote (PL)
  • From your patrol, vote for WHO you want to be the PL of your patrol. (Able to vote for self)

Before I move on to the patrol allocation, there are some information to take note:
*All candidates will be given sufficient time to rally themselves.
*All Ex PLC Members are to bring down the PLC Guidebook on the day itself

*This is NOT a popularity contest, All votes should be based on abilities and capabilities of the candidate.

Here is the patrol allocation on Friday:

Boys Scout Troop
Patrol 1
Patrol 2
Patrol 3
Patrol 4
Dillion Lim
Lim Yuan Shun
Mervin Song
Muhd Nabil
Yoris Yunanda
Muhd Zulhilman
Muhd Rahim
Lan Teck Chong
Muhd Danish
Justin See
Muhd Ruknun
Ng Wei Qiang
Chia Jia Le
Lim Zhen Hui
Benjamin Toh
Abdul Matin
Goh Xuan Yu

Girls Scout Troop
Patrol 1
Patrol 2
Isabelle Han
Jasmine Ong
Carrie Goh
Carrie Quek
Aderline Che

All the best to the upcoming candidates, and make the right choice!

Yours In Scouting

Alexis Teng (aka Spirit Warrior)
Oneida Scout Troop
"Together as ONEIDA Scouts"

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