Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oneida Training Camp 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Firstly, hope you guys are coping well and doing well with exams.

Secondly, the Oneida Training Camp is back again this year and will be held during the November. Details are as such.

Dates: 17-20 November 2012
Time: 0700hrs - 1800hrs
Venue: Saribum Scout Camp
Course Fee: $51 (Scouts only have to pay $20 for food, accomodations, bus to campsite etc.)
Attendance: COMPULSORY
Level Involved: Sec1-Sec4 (All scouts who have not graduated from ESSS is obliged to attend the camp)
Thirdly, consent forms will be given when CCA resumes, meanwhile please get ready and excited for the camp.
Lastly, CCA resumes on the 17 October 2012, please make sure you attend!
Marcus Tan
Oneida Scout Group

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