Thursday, May 3, 2012

Young Aviator Course 2012 - Scout Level 1 - 1st Intake

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The young aviator badge course (Scout Level 1) is now opened for registration. Details are as follows.

Date: 02 June 2012 Saturday
Time: 0830-1730hrs
Venue: Scout HQ
Attire: Full Uniform
Course Fees: $20

The Young Aviator Badge Course (Scout Level 1) aims to bring about awareness in aviation related domains such as the History of Flight and the Principles of Flight through a fun-filled day of hands on activities during the course.  A half day visit to the Airport will also be conducted to enhance the learning.

The criteria for the Badge are as follow:
1.      Understand the History and Principles of Flight (Conducted in class)
2.      Visit an airport. Draw a diagram/ map or make a model of an airport to show and name the different areas. (Conducted in class and project work to be verified by Unit Leader)
3.      Understand the terms: nose, fuselage, tail, main-plane, port and starboard. Know the names of the control surfaces of an aircraft. (Conducted in class)
4.      Construct and fly a kite. (Conducted in class & project work to be verified by Unit Leader)
To attain the badge, Scouts will also be required to do a mini-project after the course and present it to their Scout Leaders.

Scout who completed all the requirements will be awarded the Young Aviator Badge (Scout Level 1) and a Badge Certificate.

Interested participants please give your name to SPL Nicole Sim latest by 12 June 2012.

Marcus Tan
Oneida Scout Group

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