Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scout Meeting Resumes

Dear fellow Scouts,

All Scout meetings will resume from tomorrow onwards. Please be present punctually tomorrow for meeting in your appropriate attire. For the benefit of the Secondary 1 Scouts, I will tell everyone this for the last time:

Wednesday Meetings
  • Wear White Activity Tee with PE Shorts (White PT Kit) 
Friday Meetings
  • Wear Full Scout Uniform
  • Bring Dark Blue Unit Tee with PE Shorts (Dark Blue PT Kit)
Also, there will NOT be any Unit meeting on Friday as there will be a Job Week Camp on the day afterwards. Finally, remember that meeting attendance is compulsory and will be marked. Please do not be late and be in your proper attire upon taking attendance! All rule breakers will be severely dealt with.

Shaun Wah
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Unit

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