Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb Camp Packing List

-4 School Based Shirts [E.g. PE Shirt, Scout Based Shirt]

-3 Pairs Of Shorts


-Personal medications


-Torchlight (Optional)

-Prickly Heat (Powder) [Must Have]

-1.5L Water Bottle and a 500ml bottle



-Uniform (Tip-Top Condition)

-3 pairs of socks

-One black shoe (Minimum)

-Slipper (for bathing use Only)

-Writing Materials


Pay $15 & Consent form to Venture Shu Han On WED (15/2/2012)

No electronics to be brought except phones (Will Be Kept By Committee)

Shirt(s) Must also include a dark color tee.

Lau Rong Xian
Senior Patrol Leader
Oneida Scout Blog

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