Friday, November 4, 2011

PLC Voting Day

Dear brothers and sisters,

As following are the nominees for the PLC election;

Girl Scout Troop

SPL:Nicole/ Vera/ Dhaniah

Timber Wolves:
PL - Dhaniah/ Nicole

APL - Kah Yee/ Sarah

Snow Tigers:

PL - Si En

APL - Jasmine/ Aderline

Thunder Cats:

PL - Hikma/ Vera

APL - Carrie/ Isabelle

Boys Scout Troop

SPL: Shaun Wah/ Lau Rong Xian/ Austen Teng/ Marcus Chan

Thunder Cats:

PL- Rong Xian/ Shaun Wah

APL- Zuhilman/ Mervin/ Yoris

Ice Shark:

PL- Irfan/ Yong Jie/ Nicholas/ Austen

APL- Yuan Shun/ Irfan

Snow Tigers:

PL- Arif/ Kenneth

APL- Hamka/ Yuan Shun

Please be informed that the PLC Voting Day will be;

Date: 12 November 2011, Saturday

Venue: East Spring Secondary School

Time: 1000hrs

Please note that attendance is compulsory as you are voting for leaders that are going to lead you next year, if you are unable to attend the voting day, please inform either Hulbert or me.

Do think hard of who you want as your leader in each patrol and troop.

Thank you

Yours In Scouting,

Chiang Kar Mun

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