Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chief Commisioner's Awardees!!!!!

Let us congratulate Marcus Tan, Giggson Tan and Nurul Fitriah.

They have brought pride and honour to the Oneida Scouts Group by achieving the prestigious Chief Commisioner's Award.

This year out of the 21 recipents in the nation 3 of them comes from East Spring Secondary School.

We also have the first batch of girls to receive the CCA award in the Nation.

Out of the 4 recipients in Tampines District, 3 comes from East Spring Secondary School.

As of 2010, we have achieved a total of 5 CCA award holders !!!

Let us stop short of saying we are the best and always is the best and instead while we celebrate our achievements let us be humble in constantly challenging ourselves knowing that

"The best is always yet to be ......" .


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