Sunday, May 29, 2011


These are the names that have yet to collect their donation draw booklets.

Marcus Chan
Kenneth Siang
Lau Rong Xian
Sean Ng
Nicholas Khor
Keith Ong
Muhammad Danial
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Shalihan
Samuel Ng
Shawn Tan
Tan Jun An
Ho Kai Chin
Abdur Rahim B Rosli
Koji Kwok Yin Hang
Muhammad Danish
Yoris Yunanda
Edbert Loh
Mervin Song
Muhammad Sufyan
Muhammad Zulhilman
Hamka Bin Iskandar
Lan Teck Chong
Ang Horzett
Marvin Chew
Jasper Lee
Kevin Khor
Muhammad Haziq
Giggson Tan

Siti Neng Diyana
Seri Nailah

Please meet up at East Spring Secondary School, 2nd June(thurs) 2pm.

Best attire to come in school would be your school uniform/scout related shirt. If you want to wear home clothes, please put on a covered shoes.

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